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Order Firewood Early to Avoid Shortages

Order 2020 firewood early

Firewood Shortages Anticipated

We always advise our customers to order their Winter supply of firewood early, in order to have it properly stored and continuing to season before it’s actually needed.

However, this year we are particularly urging that your firewood is ordered and stored now, before Fall!

Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020, we have already been seeing a greater amount of firewood orders, and there is a predicted industry-wide shortage of firewood this Fall and early Winter.

To make sure your home is prepared for the first cold spell and the snow and storms to follow, we strongly recommend replenishing your firewood supply before the end of Summer. This will ensure you’re stocked and heating with quality, pre-seasoned firewood instead of hunting for green, wet wood and paying higher prices for long-distance delivery!

Order Firewood from the Best

Best Firewood and Mulch has been serving Chicagoland with seasoned firewood since 1982. We stand behind our quality firewood and mulch products and offer easy online ordering.

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