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Save Money, Save Time: Have Firewood Delivered Before October Ends

Order Firewood Before Winter and Snow

Order Firewood Before Winter and Snow

As we move further into Fall, the ideal window for purchasing your Winter firewood is closing! Our Northern Illinois weather is changing, and only getting wetter. Wet ground, wet air, and rainfall are all less than optimal for firewood storage.

While we offer our firewood delivery and stacking service year-round, it can become more costly once the ice and snow inevitably arrive. Winter weather and snow on the ground means it’s more difficult and time-consuming to properly stack and store your firewood to keep it in the best condition for burning.

Save time and money by having firewood delivered and stacked before the temperatures drop and the snow flies!

While all of our products are seasoned, firewood will only improve with more time to dry. It’s important to be prepared and have your well-seasoned firewood supply before you need it for the essential task of heating your home.

Read our article about how and why to store firewood outdoors.

Plus, our stock of specialty woods like Cherry, Oak, and Birch won’t last. We have a limited supply of this firewood and it sells out quickly!

Don’t miss your chance to purchase enough to get you through our harsh Chicago winters.

We also offer kiln-dried firewood, which has immediate benefits both for storage and for use:

  • Kiln-dried firewood is ready to burn the day it’s delivered
  • It can be stored indoors, because the drying process has made it bug- and mold-free
  • It has less bark and debris, meaning cleaner storage
  • It produces less smoke while burning
  • It burns more cleanly, producing less of the creosote that causes dangerous chimney conditions

We know firewood! Best Firewood and Mulch has been serving top-quality hardwood firewood and mulch products to Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elgin, Naperville and the greater Chicago area over 35 years. Trust us when we say it’s time to call us (630-851-3062) or click through to order your premium firewood!


Order Firewood Online

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Pick the Right Firewood for the Type of Fire You Need

Premium Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Premium Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Want to Experience True Delight When You Make a Fire?

Imagine coming home on a cold winter evening, stacking up wood in your fireplace, striking a match and having the experience of a cozy crackling fire to enjoy… Or waking up in the morning, stoking the wood stove or the outdoor wood furnace and appreciating the natural warmth of your home that only a roaring fire can bring. What you want in a fire determines the type of firewood you choose, so make sure you pick the right wood.

Density is the difference

The denser the wood, the more wood fiber it has. And the longer your fire will last and the less wood you use. This is why hardwoods, like oak, cherry, hickory, and maple are best for long-burning fires. Softwoods, like pine and softer hardwoods— poplar and alder—are less dense and are best for starting fires (kindling), for fires in a backyard fire pit, or a crackling fire in your fireplace.

Getting the right wood

At Best Firewood and Mulch, we provide a special mix for fire pits and fireplaces consisting of mostly maple and birch. It’s perfect for an evening fire to warm your soul after a hard day’s work or play. This mix burns with the crackling and glow you expect in a fire. This type of fire is perfect for family activities like playing games around the fireplace on chilly evenings or making s’mores.

If you use wood to heat your home or to cook with, we suggest firewood that puts out tons of heat and burns longer. Use our straight oak or an oak/hickory or oak/cherry mix if you want to add scent to your fire or flavor to your food.

Best Firewood makes the best fires

At Best, we season all of our hardwoods and split it ourselves. We’ll come and stack it correctly for you and give you suggestions on how to care for it. That means less work for you and more time to delight in all the fires of your life!

Best Firewood and Mulch has been serving top-quality hardwood and firewood products to Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elgin, Naperville and the greater Chicago area for over 35 years.

Order Firewood Online


Make sure to call us or order online now, so you can enjoy the BEST fires in the cooler weather sure to come!

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August, September, October are Ideal Months for Ordering Firewood

Order Firewood in August, September, October

Order Firewood in August, September, October

Although it doesn’t feel like Fall just yet, we’re already at the best time of the year to order your Winter’s supply of firewood.

You’ve probably already seen Halloween decorations in the stores — it’s time to get ready for colder months!

Having your firewood delivered and stacked early allows it to continue to properly season, giving you the cleanest and most efficient flame and heat. (Read more about correctly stacking and storing your outdoor firewood supply.)

We always recommend getting this seasonal task done right now, before the temperatures drop and snow is in the air — and on the ground. Avoid the coming elements and be prepared.

Then relax, because your stove or fireplace will be filled and cozy all Winter!


Order Firewood Online


Best Firewood and Mulch is located in Aurora, Illinois, where we’ve given top-quality service— including hardwood firewood and mulch for sale to homeowners and other customers in DeKalb, DuPage, Will, Kendall, and Kane counties— for over 35 years.

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Correctly Stack Firewood Outdoors: Why and How

How to Stack Firewood Outdoors

How to Stack Firewood Outdoors

While all of the firewood Best Firewood and Mulch sells has been seasoned, firewood still benefits from being correctly stacked and stored while waiting for use.

Let us stack your firewood order! For an additional charge, we’ll stack your firewood delivery at a ground level location.

But whether you’ve ordered stacking or are stacking firewood yourself, here are helpful tips for placement and protection of your firewood.

Why should I stack firewood outdoors?

During cold months, a small supply of firewood (2-3 days’ worth) should be brought inside to dry and warm before being added to a fire. This keeps the fire’s heat consistent and efficient.

However, most of us don’t have the space or the shelter to house more firewood than that. It’s safer and cleaner to properly store firewood outdoors, as this allows the wood to continue to season effectively. It also reduces the risk of pests like spiders or ants hitching a ride into your home.

Where should I stack firewood outdoors?

The location of your future stack of firewood is important! Consider how much firewood you’ll be using during cold and snowy months, because that will determine how often you’ll be trekking out into the elements to haul more inside. How convenient will that be? Will you be carrying wood yourself, or using a wheelbarrow? Do you have a clear, easy path from your firewood stack to your stove or fireplace?

Avoid choosing low spots outdoors, where rain or runoff tends to puddle.

How should I stack firewood outdoors?

Firewood should never be stacked directly on the ground, especially on soil. Stacked firewood must be elevated a few inches to maintain air flow and discourage mold and rot.

Metal log racks in various lengths can be purchased. These include end supports for your stack as well, and can give your firewood stack a tidy appearance while keeping it off the ground. These can be a great solution for smaller amounts of firewood, like a half or single face cords.

However, wooden pallets or boards laid on the ground work just as well. Wooden posts or T-posts can be used to brace the ends of a stack. Otherwise, taper down the height of the stack at the ends to avoid falls.

If your firewood is stacked against a structure, leave a few inches between it and the wall for more air circulation. Also leave space between two stacks if they are side by side.

Stack firewood no more than 4 feet high. 4 feet is also the height of a face cord. (How much is a face cord? Read our Firewood FAQs here.)

Should I cover firewood outdoors?

Stack firewood bark side down if it needs to continue to dry and season. At the top of the stack, if it is not otherwise covered, stack a layer that is bark side up to offer more protection.

Stacking firewood beneath an overhang is ideal. Otherwise, cover the top of your stack with a pre-made firewood cover (available for many purchased log racks) or simply with a tarp, weighted down with another piece of firewood at the edges.

Don’t cover the sides of your firewood stack! Too much cover traps moisture in the wood, increasing the possibility of mold and creating a cozy potential home for pests. Air circulation is more important than being completely covered from rain or snow.

We’ll stack for you!

We not only deliver premium, seasoned firewood, we can stack your firewood order!

Call us or order firewood online.

Best Firewood and Mulch has been serving top-quality hardwood firewood and mulch products to Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elgin, Naperville and the greater Chicago area over 35 years.