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The Importance of Using Only Organic, All-Natural Mulch

Here at Best Firewood & Mulch, we process our quality Hardwood mulches right on site in Aurora from only locally sourced, solid wood logs and bark. That makes for the safest, most attractive, natural and organic Mulch product!

It’s importance to reapply fresh Mulch every year, as it is an organic product that naturally decays. As it breaks down, our all-natural Mulch helps keep your soil healthy by adding nutrients like nitrogen and beneficial bacteria.

But if you’ve used a cheap or colored mulch (like from a big-box store), it could be releasing contaminants like concentrated heavy metals (aluminum, lead, copper), arsenic, and formaldehyde. That’s because those mulches are typically made from construction waste and other leftovers, like shredded pallets, crates, and building material scraps. Its texture can be inconsistent and contain unwanted debris.

Any colorants used for these mulches may be mostly harmless themselves, but they can build up over time and affect the health of your soil. These additives and contaminants seep into runoff and ground water, and harm the natural ecosystem of bacteria, insect, and animal life that creates a thriving garden and yard. They can negatively affect young, growing plant life as well — and shouldn’t be anywhere near your fruits or veggies!

The colors in our Premium Mulches are safely, naturally achieved through processing and aging. No waste products, no additives. They not only look great, they:

  • Suppress weed growth
  • Help insulate the soil against temperature swings
  • Retain moisture
  • Are a healthier, safer option for your plants, pets, and people!

Shop our Premium Organic Mulches — delivery and spreading services available too:

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Are You Enjoying Your Fireplace This Year?

Wood Burning Picture

Many Aurora Residents Enjoy Using Their Homes’ Fireplaces Come Winter

Nothing warms up a cold home more pleasantly than a crackling fire. Homes in Aurora frequently feature fireplaces and wood stoves that see plenty of use throughout the winter. Sellers of high-quality Firewood near Aurora IL make it easy to make the most of such amenities.

More Than Mere Heat

With wintertime highs frequently staying well below freezing, Aurora is a city where staying warm often becomes a top priority. Most homes include heating systems that handle the brunt of the work, but turning on a furnace is not always the only possible response to cold weather.

Houses that feature fireplaces and wood-burning stoves provide occupants with another way to keep warm when temperatures drop outside. Compared to central heating, a fireplace or wood stove will tend to provide heat that is more:

  • Focused. Keeping an entire home at a comfortable temperature can easily mean spending too much on energy bills. Using a fireplace to warm a room that sees a lot of use will often prove more economical. Although it takes a bit of practice, the intensity of a fire can also be adjusted to match the preferences of those around it.
  • Engaging. Relaxing in a fireplace-equipped living room after a great meal can be extremely rewarding. Casually tending to a fire will take a person’s mind off the concerns and stresses of the day and make for a great transition to evening.
  • Appealing. There is nothing especially interesting about warm air blowing out of an HVAC register. A fire burning atop a hearth, though, will always draw appreciative attention. Simply watching logs burn and hearing them crackle will make anyone in the area feel relaxed and content.

Excellent Firewood is Readily Available

For reasons like these and others, many Aurora residents enjoy making use of their own fireplaces and wood stoves every winter. Seasoned Firewood that has been allowed to dry to a state perfect for burning can be obtained from vendors in the area.

Stocking up on high-quality firewood before winter arrives will ensure a comfortable, enjoyable season. Making frequent use of a home’s fireplace or wood-burning stove is an effective way of taking the sting out of winter.

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FREE MULCH Special through 8/30/19!

FREE MULCH with purchase!

FREE MULCH with purchase!

Purchase FIVE or more yards of our

Premium Hardwood Mulch or Blended Hardwood Mulch

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