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Well-Seasoned Firewood Products

Well-seasoned firewood generally has darkened ends, is relatively lightweight, and the bark peels off easily. You can help this process by stacking your firewood with a supporting base 2-3 inches off the ground (cement blocks, pallets, etc.) This prevents wood from drawing moisture from the ground and allows air to circulate. The greater the area exposed to air, the more rapid the drying process. Store wood outdoors, under partial or full protection from the elements. Also, a two to three day supply should be kept indoors. Cold wood brought in from outside will cool the fire too much.

Ordering quantity options

When ordering firewood you have the option of either choosing a 1/2 Face Cord or Full Face Cord.  Examples of these are depicted below. Click here for additional Firewood FAQ’s.

Example - 1/2 Face Cord
Example – 1/2 Face Cord
Example - Full Face Cord
Example – Full Face Cord

Buying your firewood early between August and September and storing it properly is the best way to ensure that you will have good firewood when you need it.

Firewood Product

If you are ordering by check, please call 630-851-3062.

Prices subject to change. Orders are guaranteed to contain 220-230 pieces. All orders are dumped on the driveway unless stacking is purchased. Stacking of firewood is an additional $45/face cord and must be stacked at ground level (no stairs). Delivery and fuel charges may apply.