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Locally Sourced Firewood Delivered to Naperville IL

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At Best Firewood and Mulch, we locally source our firewood, then cut, split, and store it on-site. Need firewood delivery to Naperville? We deliver and stack!

Seasoned Firewood

When wood is freshly cut, it is referred to as “green” wood. This type of wood isn’t what should be burned for heating a home. All firewood has to age, which is commonly referred to as curing or “seasoning” the wood. If you try to use logs from a freshly cut tree in your fireplace, you’ll have to deal with dangerous creosote build-up and lots of smoke, risking chimney fires. That’s why all our firewood is already aged or kiln-dried.

Firewood Delivery and Stacking

We supply the Naperville, IL area with high-quality, seasoned firewood. And we not only deliver, our team can stack firewood for you too! For an additional fee per cord, we’ll stack your firewood order at ground level. In the winter, just keep a path shoveled for us.

There are some guidelines to follow to ensure that the firewood is placed in the best locations outside your home, so that it can stay dry and continue to season for best burning results.

  • Firewood should be kept up from direct contact with the ground to keep it from drawing moisture. There are various sizes of firewood racks you can purchase from home supply stores, or you can use cement blocks, pallets, or boards to raise the firewood 2-3 inches.
  • Firewood should also be partially or fully protected from the elements. Locating your stacked firewood under an overhang is ideal, but a tarp covering the top of the pile works as well. Don’t cover the sides of the stack, as this keeps air from circulating and inhibits drying (and provides a place for critters to hide too). Keep the stack a few inches away from walls for the same reason.

Order Firewood from the Best

Best Firewood and Mulch has been serving Chicagoland with seasoned firewood since 1982! We stand behind our quality firewood and mulch products and offer easy online ordering.

Check out our delivery area here.

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