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Order Firewood Online!

Order Firewood Online


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We only sell seasoned firewood!  All of our firewood is local to Northern Illinois and is cut, split and stored onsite. That means your fire starts quickly and burns cleanly — less hassle, more enjoyment.

Take your own already-split firewood on your camping trip within Illinois and avoid paying the high on-site campground prices.

Or keep your backyard firepit or fireplace stocked for the season! We can deliver and stack your firewood order.

What’s the best firewood for campfires?

Oak – Most popular. Slow burning, long lasting, lots of heat, less smoke. Great for cooking.

Birch – Soft, starts quickly and burns quickly but brightly. Makes for a lively campfire. Try mixing with other hardwood varieties!

Cherry – Burns slowly and hot. Pleasant scent.

Hickory – Dense hardwood, like Oak. Burns very hot.


Can’t decide? Want some of each? We also sell mixed variety and combo cords.

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