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Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest In Landscaping and Mulch

There are lots of different ways to improve one’s homestead. A property owner could have an in-ground pool installed, the structure’s siding painted, or improve the landscaping. For these purposes, we are going to discuss the latter. Why? Well, for one, these are do-it-yourself projects that many homeowners can handle without having to hire outside labor. Persons can plant trees, flowers, shrubs, or pretty much anything that they want.

The improvements will do several different things. For instance, they will provide the property owner with beautiful scenery to view day in and day out. Additionally, the new look is sure to make a person’s neighbors envious. Hence, you can have the most visually appealing yard on the block, which may, in turn, cause others to invest in landscaping as well. Then, property values are likely to increase. That is a big draw for anyone who may be considering selling in the future.

Stats That Reveal How Much Landscaping Can Add To A Home’s Value

According to some researchers, it depends on the type of landscaping a person installs, but homes with designs fetch 5.5 to 12.7-percent more than those without schemas. So, let’s say that an individual’s property is worth $300,000. After putting in flowerbeds, trees, and whatnot, the seller can realistically get $16,500 to $38,100 more for their place. Yet, other studies indicate that properties with these aesthetics increase the home’s value by as much as 20-percent. In other words, the return on investment could prove to be well worth the effort.

High-Quality Hardwood Or Blended Mulch Can Make All Of The Difference In The World

Once you get the plants, flowers, or trees where you want them, consider creating a perimeter with bricks, stepping stones, or a small picket fence. Then, cover the topsoil inside the barrier with top-notch hardwood or blended mulch to add the finishing touches. It will make your yard stand out and catch the eye of anyone passing by. Not to mention, you will enjoy the appearance every time you leave and return home again. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your spring DIY project now.

Benefits Associated With Mulch

Aside from just looking pretty, there are other benefits that mulch has to offer. For example, placing it around newly planted trees can almost double their growth rate. Some studies indicate that hardwoods such as cherry, oak, and maple’s growth rate can be increased by about 79-percent when high-quality mulch is present. It serves as a buffer, insulates the soil, and protects the trees and their roots from hot and cold temperatures.

Plus, during the summertime, when heatwaves are bearing down, mulch helps the ground retain moisture. Therefore, homeowners’ water bills won’t skyrocket as they will not need to cut the sprinkler on quite as often as with just dirt. Instead, with minimal watering, persons can keep their pieces of landscaping alive and looking as good as the day they were first planted.

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