Return Policy

We offer quality firewood and mulch products and take pride in our superior customer service.  

If you are not satisfied with you firewood delivery, all firewood can be returned to Best Firewood and Mulch in Aurora, IL for a full refund.  The amount that is returned must be the same amount that was ordered, or there will be additional fees for unreturned wood. Due to the nature of the product, Best Firewood and Mulch will have additional fees for picking up any firewood from a residential home that would like to be returned.

If ordering your firewood during wet seasons, once your delivery arrives you will need to keep a 2-day supply inside next to your hearth, in a hearth wood ring, to dry any seasonal moisture from snow or ice on the firewood. All Firewood is Seasoned! To avoid the elements it is best to order your firewood from August thru October!

Best Firewood and Mulch will not be able to return any mulch products once the mulch order has been dispatched from our office, been delivered to a driveway, or spread into any planting beds. Same day cancellations not accepted.