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Why Mulch Is Good For Your Home

The holiday season is here, so many people that own fireplaces are thinking about getting some firewood, which we can happily help with, right to your door. However, while the winter has arrived and homeowners say goodbye to their lawns and gardens for a season as the snow comes, there’s always spring to look forward to planning for. One of the best things you can do for your home’s outlying property, especially if you have a garden and trees, is to consider using mulch. Here are some of the reasons why it helps.

Retain Moisture

Since mulch is essentially a layer of loose material—in this case, wood—that is spread over topsoil, the one thing it is extremely good at doing is keeping the ground moist. Wood is a natural sponge in that it absorbs and holds water for much longer periods than other substances like soil. This means that when it rains, or when a property is watered, mulch can preserve more of the moisture, and this benefits the soil and the plants.

Control Weeds

Mulch can also help to minimize the number of weeds that grow on a property. Weeds need sunlight, but mulch, a layer that sits over the soil, can add an extra shield that prevents some weeds from getting the sunlight they need in the early stages of growth. While other types of weed will still manage to poke out of the topsoil, there will be other varieties that, once blocked by a sufficiently thick layer of mulch, won’t grow at all, helping you to control your weed population during the spring and summer seasons.

Topsoil Preservation

Mulch is also good at protecting the topsoil itself. A layer of mulch doesn’t just retain moisture; it also acts as a physical barrier. Where the blowing of wind would eventually erode the first layer of topsoil or rain might wash some of it way, given enough time, mulch acts as a protective first line of defense that helps to offset these natural forces of erosion, and help the healthy topsoil to retain more of itself and be more productive during the growing season.

Easier To Maintain

When you’re looking for something to add color and fill out the spaces in your yard, mulch is an excellent alternative. Some solutions, like traditional lawn grass, require maintenance during the year, notably, using a lot of water to keep it green and healthy, and mowing it regularly to keep the height in check.

Mulch, on the other hand, comes in a variety of colors, that can help to distinguish the look of your property from others, while at the same time requiring none of that extra maintenance. Once the initial layer of mulch is laid out, you’re done, and only have to periodically replenish it with more if you think it’s starting to look a little thin.

So while you can contact Best Firewood & Mulch this holiday season for the wood to keep your fireplace cheery during this festive time, remember that when it comes time to grow and beautify things on your property, come to us for your mulch needs too.



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