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Heat Your Home This Winter With Firewood

When you live in the northern United States, winter can bring the temperature way down and make it tough to go outside.  On foot the cold will slowly seep into your bones, and in a car the snow and ice make the roads slippery and hard to avoid an accident.  That’s why many Americans spend more of their time indoors next to a roaring fire.  Not every modern home comes equipped with a real fireplace, but those who do can enjoy what it’s like to have a real wood fire keeping you cozy during a long winter night.

Enjoy The Heat

A nice wood fire at home can really heat a room up, especially if you can close a door and keep the heat concentrated.  When you spend your time by a real fire, you can turn down the thermostat for the rest of your home and still feel warm and cozy.  Doing this could even save you a few dollars on your heating bill.

Watch The Dancing Flames


Almost every human is fascinated by fire to one degree or another.  The way the flames dance without ever repeating themselves, the warm glow and colors they create, and even the sound of crackling and snapping wood can hold a person’s attention.  This is only natural since once upon a time humans needed fire to survive and spent a long part of the night sitting around campfires.  Because of this natural fascination, a real wood fire can entertain a family surprisingly well, and it’s much better at doing so than any fake fire or gas fire.


Bring The Family Together


Between the heat and the flames, setting a wood fire in your fireplace is a great way to bring your whole family together.  You can sit around the fire and eat dinner, talk about your days, or watch a movie together.  A married couple can curl up together under the same blanket, or your young child might like sharing a blanket with their parent after a long day.  An open fire is also a chance to teach your kids about how to safely set and maintain a wood fire.


Cook Something Old-Fashioned


Depending on the size of your fireplace, you may be able to use it to roast hotdogs or marshmallows on sticks.  Something else you can do is let the fire burn down and then put a Dutch oven on the coals and use them to slowly cook your dinner or dessert for the evening.  Dutch oven recipes include some warm and hearty meals like stew and peach cobbler, just the thing to have to warm yourself up on a cold winter night.


While you can find apps and videos, gas-powered fireplaces, and fake fireplaces, nothing can match the full experience of a wood fire during a winter evening.  However, first you’ll need a good supply of dried and seasoned firewood ready for your fireplace.  If you live in our service area, be sure to order your firewood from Best Firewood and Mulch and make the most of your fireplace this winter.

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