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What to Consider Before Buying Firewood

What to Consider Before Buying Firewood Near Aurora, IL

Few things are more welcoming than a crackling fire on a cold day, which is why many Aurora homes include wood-burning fireplaces. Long-time residents make stocking firewood look easy, but it can be challenging for those who have never purchased wood in the past. Fortunately, it is easy to get it right by following a few simple rules. As long as homeowners have enough storage, choose the right wood, and buy seasoned firewood, they’ll enjoy many cozy evenings in front of their hearths.

Create a Dry Space to Store Wood

Homeowners buying Firewood near Aurora IL for the first time are often tempted to order enough for the winter. That is a good idea if they have plenty of storage, but it could cause problems when space is short. The first thing any homeowner should do is determine how much dry space they have for wood storage. There must be enough room between stacks to allow firewood to dry, otherwise it can rot. Stacking excess wood against the house is not really an option since piles quickly become homes for rodents and insects.

Determine Which Type of Wood Is Best

Homeowners should buy the type of wood that suits their intended use. If customers buying Firewood near Aurora IL intend to cook with it, they might want to choose maples and fruitwoods that add flavor. Dense woods like oak and maple are best for indoor wood stoves and fireplaces. Soft woods such as poplar burn faster. Ash is another wood that burns well. Local suppliers are happy to help customers make the best choice.

Make Sure to Buy Seasoned Wood

Firewood needs to be seasoned, which means it has had time to dry out. Green wood is full of moisture, so it is not a good fireplace or wood stove fuel. Most established suppliers sell seasoned fireplace wood, which is easy to recognize. It has loose bark, is dry to the touch, and has cracks in the ends.

Order wood for a home fireplace or wood stove is not complicated, but there are a few rules that ensure the best results. Buyers should make sure they have adequate storage and then learn what type of wood is best for their needs. They should also choose seasoned wood because it is dry and burns well.

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